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Providing Information to our Members

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Welcome to POWC

The purpose of POWC has always been to provide information to its membership.  POWC's objective is for its members to be the best-informed individuals on the Island on matters of importance to the Island we love-whether our membes live on the Island or have second homes here.  Previously known as Property Owners Who Care, POWC dropped the words because people do not need to be island property owners to care about the Island.  POWC's purpose is to present accurate and unbiased knowledge of both Island issues and opportunities.

POWC's overarching vision for the City of South Padre Island is to have:

1.  100% transparency in government 

2.  A family-friendly environment for the Island

3.  Support the City of South Padre Island in attracing young families and building a strong economy for the Island that is robust all 12 months of the year

Home: Services

Our Strategy: Supporting

Island Matters

POWC wants everyone who cares about our Island, especially accountability on our Island, to be an Island Matters reader.  POWC will be the landlord of Island Matters and will assist in membership growth and fundraising.

POWC has 3 primary vehicles for providing information:


Island Matters

  • The non-profit online newspaper of the Island is 100% fact-based and deals primarily with public sector matters


POWC Newsletter

  • Any opinion articles or member-specific information appears in the POWC Newsletter

Member Events

  • Member Events by Island Matters delivers interesting information in a social atmosphere to its members/subscribers.  Member Events occur at local member businesses, and both local and off-island experts discuss topics relevent to the Island

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